Women’s Day, 2023: Go Solo in Style!

Why should boys have all the fun eh?! Being a woman should not stop you from having all the happiness you wish for. Travelling is one such enriching experience which not only provides peace and joy but also imparts many valuable life lessons. And it’s all the more memorable when it’s done alone. If you’re a woman who has always harboured ambitions of travelling alone or just the thought of being all by yourself in unknown lands, frightens you…all you need is to go on a solo trip.

Don’t just GO on a vacation, LIVE a vacation!

Besides turning out to be a worthy adventure, solo travelling can be a great learning experience as well. It has the ability to widen your horizons, experience how other people live in different places, and broaden your thinking, all the while making you connect with yourself.

The only companion you’ll need during this time is a trustworthy and reliable luggage bag. For that, look no further beyond our premium and affordable range at PoloClub travel bags!

A few reasons why all women should travel solo, at least once :-

Explore your adventurous side –

Take a break from your planned routine life. Go for a trek, a forest trip or simply visit beautiful destinations like a mountain top or beach. Mingle with nature and reconnect with yourself!

PoloClub makes sure your trip is safe and sound while being adventurous. Check out our dynamic range of hardside travel bags like Skytrack and Runway series. Durable and long- lasting, it’s made up of polycarbonate material which makes it 100% unbreakable!

Pamper yourself –

Treat yourself to a spa retreat or simply find peace within by paying a visit to a meditation centre nestled amidst nature. Self love is the best love they say.

Don’t just wear your style, carry it with you! PoloClub offers a wide variety of colours and designs that make you stand apart from the crowd. Be trendy and cool with our Aquarius series or simply make a bold statement with our Columbus series.

Shopping, shopping and shopping –

Which woman doesn’t love to shop?! Shopping helps in improving one’s mood. It helps you when you are feeling low by uplifting and cheering you up. Be it simply a comfort buy or something you’ve always wanted…indulge yourself in some satisfying retail therapy.

You have shopped gleefully all that you wanted and it’s time to head home. But does packing everything seem to be a hassle?! Try out our soft side luggage range like Compass Collection or Tokyo series. With its 33% expandable space, safely pack everything that you want!

Experience total freedom –

There is nothing more liberating than getting to experience a total sense of freedom. Feel the joy and peace of being able to do whatever you want without being influenced by others. You decide which places you visit, what you want to eat and which sights you want to enjoy…all without asking for anybody else’s opinion.

Travel around conveniently and comfortably with duffel bags from PoloClub. With features like being water resistant, multiple zippers, comfy and cool…our range like Everest and FarEast series keeps you going all the way.

‘Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of the living.’

– Miriam Beard.

● Extendable trolley handles

● Multiple space options

● Durable and quality spinner wheels

● Stylish and trendy designs

● Affordable and long lasting

PoloClub ticks all the right boxes when it comes to an efficient and comfortable travelling experience. You’ll be spoilt for choices when choosing from our vivid collection of travel ranges but be assured of owning a travel accessory like no other!

The whole world is your playground. So this Women’s Day, go stylishly solo. Pack up with PoloClub and step out in style!

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