Top 5 Ways To Choose Right Travel Luggage Bags For Easy Travel

Looking to choose the right Travel Luggage Bag?

Done with booking tickets and the travel itinerary is all chalked out. Apparel colours are matched and all the shopping frenzy has concluded. As the ‘time to step out’ comes closer, packing all the stuff is at the top of your mind isn’t it? And for that you need to get your hands on the right travel luggage bag which will suit all your needs and make it a journey worth remembering. Consider paying a visit to these points before choosing your travel companion… 

● Being aware of luggage restrictions for different airlines 

● Prefer a lightweight and compact travel bag 

● Go for a bag with wheels and handle 

● Choose quality along with comfort 

● Select a unique design or colour 

Let’s get started… 

1. Luggage Restrictions

It is imperative for you to know the luggage size restrictions and weight allowances before you board the flight. Do a thorough research of the guidelines of the respective airline before you buy your bag.

2. Lightweight And Compact

Why pay for extra baggage at the airport and spoil your trip?! Choose a bag that does not weigh too much yet is spacious enough to zip all your needs. Go for a Hard coated one if you are carrying any fragile items. Though Soft shell ones can be more comfortable and the expansion provides you that extra space needed.

Looks do matter but so does comfort. Choose a compact travel companion which can easily fit in spaces such as an airplane cabin, car boot or any hotel room.

3. Bag With Wheels And Handle

Don’t lift your bag as it’s easier to pull it around. Reaching to your destination from the airport can be tiresome and might take long. Choose a bag with sturdy and flexible wheels to aid your travel navigation. A bag with a 4 wheel set is more convenient for this purpose. Also make sure of having a bag with a retractable handle that allows you to adjust its length according to your height.

4. Quality Matters

Your travel bag is going to be with you for a long time. So make sure it’s durable for the longer run. Pricing plays an important part but don’t compromise on quality. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket, choose a bag that’ll give you value for your money. Buy travel bags with warranty. If you want to save money from buying an expensive one, consider waiting for a sale or offer.

5. Distinct Design Or Colour

You aren’t the only one who is travelling. Your fellow travellers are also carrying bags and chances are that your bag may end up having the same monotonous colour as that of someone else’s. Pick a travel bag that has an unique design or a vibrant colour that can be spotted easily. It will prevent the possibility of getting your luggage mixed up or misplaced. And also having a style quotient in your hands isn’t bad, eh?!

So now that the difficult part is out of the way, it’s time to take the easier route! For every pointer mentioned above, SKYTRAK is your best bet when it comes to travel luggage bags. 

Explore our vast and diverse range, designed to suit…or rather ‘bag’ all your needs perfectly. 

Sturdily built, our bags are made of premium polycarbonate to offer longer durability.

Fitted with 360 degree spinner wheels for the convenience of mobility. Plush interiors and expandable storage options for that ‘extra’ something in you.

Aesthetic designs and vibrant colours that will make sure you stand apart from the travelling crowd. 

Choose what you like. Hard case, soft case and duffle travel bags. 

Easy on your pocket and a partner for the longer run. 

Style and substance merged into one! 

Be it an air travel or train, or simply on the road…with POLOCLUB USA by your side, you are assured of a trip to remember.

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