Top 7 trolley bag attributes that make your travelling a smooth experience

It’s always a refreshing experience to see a sunrise at newer and different destinations, isn’t it?! Travelling allows you to do just exactly that. Unbuckling from the daily routine of the mundane and letting your hair down while basking in relaxation. Vacays are such a fun experience overall. The most vital cog in this wheel of foreign adventure is the travelling part. 

Unforeseen hazards may hamper the wholesome bliss of a foreign trip. So choosing the right trolley bag is of utmost significance. Here are some listed attributes that you need to consider for an easy and stress-free travel –

1) Made for all seasons.

Durability is a key factor of your luggage as you want to safeguard all your belongings. Rough handling or bad transport facilities can jeopardise the condition of your stuff. 

This is where Polo Club’s latest ‘Oscar’ series comes to your rescue. These hard side trolley bags are crafted with a 100% unbreakable high-density polypropylene shell. Thus making it a really tough nut to crack!

2) Matters of Mobility.

Roads of life are never always smooth. Same goes for the roads you tread. Manoeuvring your way through roughs, slopes, tight curves can be tedious. Hence it’s imperative to have a bag fitted with flexible and rotating wheels.

Oscar collection comes nicely fitted with ball-bearing polymer double 8 wheels. These ensure  effortless mobility to make sure you glide around with ease.

3) Supremely Secured.

We all value our precious belongings as they are a reflection of our hardwork and dedication. Travelling may come with risks of theft or accidental opening of your bag resulting in you losing your things.

The safety of your valuables is assuringly taken care of by the Oscar series. They sport highly secure TSA-approved lock alongwith an anti-theft Securitech double zipper.

4) Space for everything.

Ever felt bad for not shopping for what you liked, just because your bag ran out of storage space?! Next time choose a bag that offers comparatively larger storage space catering to your need for space.

With an expandable design, Oscar fits the bill perfectly. It is available in a set of 2 – 20lts Small and 24 litres Medium. So next time you go on a shopping spree abroad, let storage space be the least of your worries!

5) Colourize your moves.

The colour of your bag reflects your persona. But apart from that it also makes your luggage stand apart from the others. This serves the purpose of finding your bag from a crowd of other bags and avoiding the prospect of it getting misplaced.

From classy to trendy…Oscar series offers you a variety of vibrant colours. The range includes vivid hues such as Cobalt, Marie, Ink, Lavender, Red and Forest. Now make heads turn wherever you go!

6) Any occasion and every occasion.

Changing a bag for trips of different purposes can be tiring. Be it a formal or fun occasion, pick a trolley bag that you can conveniently carry along without any fuss.

Be it a business trip or a fun-filled vacation, the Oscar suitcases are designed to cater to your every need…assuringly!

7) An all-rounder in every sense.

You make memories worth cherishing while you embark on a trip. Pick a travel buddy that makes sure the journey is as gratifying as you envisioned.

With impeccable features and stylish traits, Oscar series is definitely your trusted companion for miles and miles.

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta.

Wherever you go, weave many more magical stories with Poloclub’s wide assemblage of top-notch luggage collection!

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