Top 5 Benefits of Soft-sided Luggage Bag

Deciding the type of luggage doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be about comfort and looks in toto. The best luggage is the one that fits your requirements. What is it that makes it an ideal choice for you, matters the most.

While choosing luggage, it is important that you are well-informed about all the types – trolley bags, duffel, weekender, etc. However, dividing on the basis of material, widely there are two types – hardside and softside.

Many a times it is confusing to choose between the two kinds of luggage – hardside and softside, but if you have your certain preferences in place, like external pockets, cost-effectiveness, over packing, packing at the last moment, and so on, a soft-sided luggage is the best option for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 benefits of soft-side luggage bag:

1. Flexibility

As the softside luggage is made up of softer and flexible materials, flexibility is their forte. They are ideal for stuffing in a little more than what you had planned for. A little more wiggle room is an added advantage in a softside luggage that’s absent in a hardside one. Another area where softside luggage is extremely flexible is when it comes to accommodating your luggage into compact spaces like overhead bins, luggage racks, etc. Moreover, most softside luggages have an expander option where you can unzip a section of the bag to make more space. This feature is only present in a softside luggage and comes in handy when you are not a professional packer or tend to carry back a little extra during your return journey.

2. Organisation

Another advantage of a softside luggage is the availability of external pockets. Things like jackets, toiletries, cosmetics, etc. can be easily carried by stuffing them in the bag. It is most convenient and ideal for last time packing too.

3. Resilience

One massive benefit of having a softside luggage is to sustain the typical airport abuse. While the softside luggage is quite susceptible to stains and dirt, it has the ability to be tossed and turned and squeezed and dragged. The bottom line is, the softside luggage still comes alive at the baggage claim as opposed to its competitors.

4. Lightweight

Softside luggage is lighter than its competitor making it easier to carry around. Most of the times a fair portion of your luggage allowance is taken up by the luggage itself. So softside luggages increase the amount of stuff you can pack, thus, allowing more room for packing. This eliminates the possibility of paying extra baggage charges.

5. Accessibility

Softside luggage takes up less space (in a hotel room) when open which makes it easier to lean them against a wall and access all your stuff which is not possible in hardside. Again, due to the presence of external pockets, you can keep the stuff/things handy which might be needed during your journey.

Conclusively, there are two sides to the same coin. Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage too and the same goes true for a softside luggage as well. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned earlier, it depends on your choice, preferences and priorities as to what specifically you are looking for in a luggage. Is it the colour, space, cost, flexibility, accessibility, etc. Depending upon the needs, one can choose the best suited luggage for themselves.

At Polo Club, we have a wide range of luggages designed keeping in mind these needs or requirements of our customers. We constantly keep updating and upgrading our collection to meet the demands of the market with our luggage collection.

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