The Future of Travelling is Here! – Innovative Features and Smart Technologies

The popular adage ‘Time changes everything’ holds truth in every sense. Over the many years gone by, mankind has witnessed a plethora of changes in every aspect of life till date. Innovations and developments in technology have made a significant impact on the lifestyle of people and the choices they make. Like all the things in this spectrum, travelling is also an experience which has seen a sea of changes ever since.

Back in the old days, Steamer trunks were the most common form of luggage. Even if being spacious these luggage bags, often made from leather and wood, were quite difficult to manoeuvre around. They were designed to fit in the cargo of ships compared to today’s luggage meant to surf crowded airports and busy streets.

Upcoming years saw the use of suitcases designed from aluminium. Later on different and convenient materials such as polypropylene and similarly others were started being explored. 

“There is nothing permanent except change” – Heraclitus.

Brands started realising the need to keep up pace with changing times and needs of travel of its customers. Lightweight materials, rotating wheels, expandable storage space, efficient handles, secure locking systems,etc. formed the cornerstones of this transformation.

Polo Club prides itself on providing luggage options with top-notch quality and features, thereby becoming your best travel partner. Style with convenience, elegance with affordability, durability with comfort…all these truly define the wide range of collections that we offer.

Let’s take a glimpse of special features from our travel options –

First things first. A luggage bag can be everything but what’s the x-factor if it doesn’t look good?! Check out the cool designs from our Skytrack series which come with 3D printed colours and vibrant hues. Now add that extra spunk to your journeys. 

Gone are the days of carrying multiple bags while you are on the go. With 33% expandable space offered by our Tokyo series, we make sure to bag all your needs in one single and assured place.

Alongwith with looks and space, a luggage bag needs to be sturdy and durable. Airbus series offers these qualities as the bags are built up of 100% polycarbonate material thus making it lightweight and unbreakable. Furthermore the exteriors are scratch proof and water-resistant. 

Modern day travelling requires convenience to navigate through various terrains and tight spaces. Check out the Runway series which come with 360-degree rotation enabled, 8 spinner wheels and that too with brakes! With its extendable top and side handles, you will be assured of carrying your stuff around effortlessly.

Keeping your belongings safe is of utmost importance. The security aspect of your travel is absolutely taken care of with our Oscar series. It boasts of TSA-approved lock and anti-theft Securitech double zipper, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure throughout your journey.

Short and adventure trips call for a bag that suits the bill. Look no further than our Northwest series of Duffle bags. The stylish coloured bags come with additional features like water-resistant material and extra zip compartments thereby making it your best bet for all seasons. Be a part of all adventures with style!

In a nutshell, Polo Club is your go-to travelling partner and an all-rounder in the truest sense. So next time you step out, step out with a swag and never look back!

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