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The Best Travel Bags for Your Next Trip/Vacation

We are still in the middle of a pandemic but traveling can be a fine way to break the monotony of pandemic isolation if you are smart about it. There are many who have taken road trips this year—while keeping up with covid-19 norms of trying to stay safe, socially distanced, and masked up.

Like millions of others out there who are moving back in with family, swapping apartments, or ditching one city for another this year, even you can be traveling, and for this, you’re gonna need a suitcase.

Whether you are a frequent traveler or you just like the occasional road trip, there are so many options when shopping for luggage. There are many shapes and sizes, patterns, and features to choose from. It can become a little overwhelming, especially if you want to make the right decision as a consumer with regard to which luggage suits your travel style. 

Here are a few options suiting your travel/trip.

Soft-Side Luggage:

If you are planning a short trip or a vacation where you are sure about the commute, the route or the medium of travel, we give you a heads up for this series from our collection.

The London Series:

The Portland Series:

Along with a reputation of being easier to travel with, these bags by Polo Club USA are handier to put into overhead compartments because their soft exterior is more pliable. Their soft shell enables travelers to pack more items into the bag, and it is easy to store when you are not on the road. The pockets on the outside of the bags serve as an add-on giving easy access to items like passports, wallets, or boarding passes.

In addition to being lightweight, these bags are easier to clean. You can remove stains using soap and detergent with ease.

Hard-Shell Luggage:

These bags are designed to get through long travels that comprise various modes of transport and longer journeys with a higher risk of security.



The prime perk about these hard-shell luggage bags by Polo Club USA is their protection. These bags put up with immense pressure and prevent the contents inside the bag from breaking or any kind of damage. Their protection is incomparable to any other luggage type. They are more durable and last longer with proper care. These bags offer great convenience when traveling as they are easier to clean and sanitize and stay upright and balanced.

A Duffel Bag

In spite of the benefits offered, the hard-shell luggage bags are impractical for a short trip or a wanderlust. For short trips/travels, we have something that’s more practical, comfortable, and easier to carry.


The prime advantage of FarEast by Polo Club USA is how roomy and practical it is. The cylindrical and unstructured shape is perfect for travelers who need lots of room. Moreover, its flexibility makes it easy to squish into small spaces. It is perfect for an adventurous trip because its simple design along with a sturdy build and smooth-rolling wheels puts you in a win-win situation.

We hope we have helped you to find the perfect luggage for your next trip that matches your comfort, style, and suitability.

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