The Best Luggage Bag One Should Invest in For a Train Travel

With the offset of the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry has taken a distinguished leap. The latest research by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) also forecasted that the sector’s contribution to the nation’s economy could reach almost INR 15.9 trillion (USD 215 billion) in 2022, 1 percent above 2019 levels. 

Travel and tourism

This proves that post pandemic, we are slowly and steadily moving back on track as far as the travel and tourism  industry is concerned. 

As such, the industries like airlines, railways, etc. too are growing, resulting in increased fares. Nevertheless, this has not abstained the public from traveling or visiting new places. The weather is great, the fog has lifted, the jets are flying, and you need some new luggage.

However, when it comes to selecting the perfect luggage bag for train travel, everything is a compromise.

Travel Bag or Trolley – which is more practical on a train?

Travel or Trolley bags

Based on the luggage options available, we have narrowed it down to the best solution for your big rail trip.

Points to consider – 

  • The size of the luggage compartment above the seats in the train.
  • The need for free space for purchases you make locally.
  • The distances you need to cover with your luggage.
  • The nature of the terrain – steps or elevators.

Travel Bag or Trolley – A Comparison

To find out which one’s the best match for train travel let’s compare the pros and cons of both. 

The advantages and disadvantages of a travel bag:

  • A travel bag not only gives way but also can be stuffed in the luggage compartments overhead. The drawback being – the clothes that are transported in it look wrinkly and less ironed.
  • One foremost advantage can be that you can put away your last minute purchases in the side pockets or last corners. The material is often yielding enough to accommodate even the shapeless souvenirs.
  • Travel bags always have to be carried around. Therefore, the main disadvantage that surpasses every single advantage is that carrying it around over long distances and stairs is a task because of the weight and the heavy burden.

The advantages and disadvantages of a trolley bag:

  • Foremost, as compared to a travel bag, a trolley bag provides less space. However, it allows you to pack the clothes neatly which makes them look freshly ironed even after the journey.
  • As the dimensions of a travel trolley are accurately measured, there are no hustles while fitting the trolley bag in the luggage racks of the train.
  • The major drawback is – when you are packing, you have to plan in advance to make room for souvenirs. You can’t dump or over pack when it comes to trolley bags as they are less yielding, especially the hard shell with no room for expansion.
  • A major advantage where a trolley bag surpasses every other luggage is the ease with which you can roll it across the dirtiest terrain. It literally takes the weight of the luggage off your shoulders.

No matter the luggage bag, the train journey depends on your needs. For example, some people dread carrying a bag or suitcase over long distances when traveling and as such, a trolley works as an only option for them. However, some prefer taking along a piece of luggage that is flexible, and for such people a travel bag is more suitable.

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