Slider by Polo Club USA offers an exciting range of 3 colours which are very vibrant and stylish. The dual contrast colour tones make the bag look rich and premium. Made with high-quality Nylon fabric these bags are Strong, Robust and Sturdy Packed with many features this Travel companion is the ideal choice for a Short holiday or a Long Vacation. This Luggage Set has 3 sizes – Small – L (36 cm ) x W (21 cm) x H (50 cm) ; Medium L (40 cm) x W (25 cm) x H (60 cm) & Large L ( 45 cm) x W(28 cm) x H(71 cm).Total Volume in Liters (240) – S- 45 Liters; M – 75 Liters; 120 Liters. Each Bag Weights: Small – 3 Kg, Medium 3.5 Kg and Large: 4 kg. Total Weight: 10.5 Kg. All bags have 4 Spinner wheels, Guards for extra protection, 33% Expander, Integrated Handles, Combination Lock & Loss of Baggage Tag! The Contrast colour bumpers give a good grip to the wheels which glide smoothly on the flat as well as rough surfaces. The Polo Club USA Slider series is premium luggage that is long-lasting and extremely durable. Its Aluminium trolley makes the bag easy to manoeuvre back and forth. The carry on Luggage trolley has 2 stoppages that enable the trolley to be adjusted as per the height of the user. The 4 spinner wheels make it simple to rotate the bag and glide smoothly from here and there.


L (36 cm ) x W (21 cm) x H (50 cm)


Medium L (40 cm) x W (25 cm) x H (60 cm)


Large L ( 45 cm) x W(28 cm) x H(71 cm)


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