Compass Collection Portland Series Set of 2


Portland is Polo Clubs USA’s fresh design for everyone who loves simplicity with performance and style at once. This collection offers a timeless design with Contrast Coloured Accessories and Stylish Interiors. Portland has a great combination of packing space, lightweight construction, and convenient features including expanders, combination lock, internal division with cross ribbons on both sides, Integrated dual tube pull handle and comfortable top and side carry handle. Without any bumps, the luggage moves like butter—thanks to the 360º Ultra Smooth wheels. The Portland 3 piece luggage is not a travel option; consider it as a travel necessity.

Small (Cabin Luggage)

2.6 kg 38 cms x 28 cms x 59 cms (L x W x H), Capacity: 55 Liters

Medium (Check-in Luggage)

3.5 kg 43 cms x 32 cms x 68 cms (L x W x H), Capacity: 65 Liters


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