Taking a short trip? Here’s why Duffle bags are a better option over Suitcases

Travelling is a pleasurable and therapeutic experience in itself, irrespective of the miles covered. Be it a long trip or a short one, it rejuvenates you and freshens up life. Luggage forms a vital part that influences your travelling sojourn. Choosing the right luggage varies according to the duration of your trip and journey, so it becomes important for you to pick one that suits you well. Ultimately, it comes down to comfort and personal preferences, although there are situations when having one type over another is preferable.

“To travel is to live”

– Hans Christian Andersen.

Shed the tiring baggage of routine life and rediscover your mojo with a short trip! Plan a weekend stay at a nearby resort, a short getaway with friends, soothingly refreshing trekking travails…all to replenish your body and mind. 

While planning to choose your luggage companion for the same, it is imperative to keep some things in mind for a hassle-free trip. As the trip is going to be a comparatively shorter one, you might not need too much storage space as the things you’ll carry along with you won’t be too much. Also short trips mean that almond most of the time you would be on the go. So a bag that you can easily carry around and manoeuvre would be the convenient option. 

Your options then…

Suitcases, hard side or soft, have been the conventional choice for travelling since a long time. Modern suitcases come with 2 handles and rotatable wheels to carry heavy stuff with lesser discomfort. They also come with that extra storage space to house all your things in one place. However when it comes to short trips, it won’t matter much as you’ll be carrying a lot less stuff around. Also if it’s an outing like a trek, it’s not viable to lug them around and so you’ll end up carrying an extra bag which is smaller. Their height and weight capacities also make them difficult to carry if there’s not enough space in your transport mode.

This is when Duffle bags enter the picture. Duffle bags are smaller in size. Also they are significantly lighter than the suitcase. These bags typically lack wheels, so you have to carry them while commuting. However some modern-day brands offer a hybrid solution whereas these bags come with a handle and wheels. It makes it easier when the luggage weight exceeds unexpectedly. 

A compact Duffle bag is an ideal choice if you are not carrying too many things with you. Many Duffle bags are versatile as a backpack as well. Even if they are smaller, Duffle bags usually can accommodate all of your necessities. In times of storage space crisis, they can also be rolled up or slid under smaller places to negate the inconvenience.

The verdict…

Suitcases are no doubt preferable for long distance journeys and overseas travels. But when it comes to short trips for a limited period of time, Duffle bags are your go-to travel buddies.

And why look any further beyond the trendy and efficient range of Duffle bags from PoloClub. Stylishly designed with wheels for mobility. Exterior grab handles to move your way around with ease. Don’t be scared of a splash or two as they are constructed from a waterproof durable Teflon-coated nylon fabric. Lightweight with external pockets for your utmost convenience. All in all, your perfect travel partner!

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