Started in 2001, POLO CLUB USA is a brainchild of 2 passionate entrepreneurs who came together to be the pioneers in imported luggage in India. While every other luggage brand was manufacturing locally, these young businessmen explored a new opportunity which no one had yet tried and tested. By stepping out of their comfort zone and also the geographical barriers, POLO CLUB USA became a brand with fresh-looking designs and concepts that matched international standards with a look and feel that received an overwhelming response from domestic wholesale and retail buyers.

As such, when demand exceeded supply, the brand drastically increased volumes of imports, and in a short period became the LARGEST importer of Travel bags in India. In the last two decades, POLO CLUB USA has shown that modern functional styling should not just be desirable and inspired but also be innovative and refined. With a customer base of 2500 point of sales, POLO CLUB USA is a proven, trusted, and reliable brand that continues to create a legacy that will be unmatched and untouched.


Polo Club has the experience and knowledge to help you prepare for any journey. With a wide variety of travel bags in different sizes and colors, we are committed to helping our customers to find the best travel bags at the right prices. We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of a diverse range of travelers!

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