5 Perfect Luggage Bags Suitable For Monsoon Travel

Rainy season is here and so is our desire to sneak out on a weekend getaway amidst the serenity of nature. Approximately, over 55% of Indians are keen to travel during the monsoons and travel and luggage companies seize every opportunity that comes their way.

However, monsoon trips are a tad more tedious than the normal ones because of rains and the complexity of the luggage that needs to be carried. Travel bags play an important role in your monsoon travel. From your airport look to weekend getaway, the travel bag is a must-have before you step out of your house, so make sure you are selecting it wisely.

1. Duffle Bags:

Duffle bags are foldable and offer a great option for the light packers who hate wasting space. These bags often come in waterproof nylon material which keeps your things safe from the rains. It is an ideal travel bag for a small weekend trip or a night out.

2. Rolling Duffle Bags:

These kind of bags are great for the ones who like the sizing and spaciousness of a duffle, but at the same time doesn’t like carrying the bags in hand and wants to leverage the convenience of wheeled luggage. Besides, these kind look more stylish than a traditional duffle. Perfect for the ones who hate carrying things and love spacious luggages, with a tendency to roll around.

3. Rolling Luggage:

This traditional form of luggage has two fixed wheels and is pulled by a telescoping top handle that works wonders for those who don’t like carrying their luggage around. These ones are an ideal option as they come in all kinds of sizes, are durable and are designed for basic travel. Well-suited for different types of terrain, as the wheels are fixed and won’t get caught on rocks or cracks.

4. Softside with Spinner Wheels:

Soft Side Bags feature a malleable fabric on the outer shell. They are constructed by using a tough, high-yield material such as woven nylon. Mostly, these kind of bags aren’t waterproof but there are exceptions as well. As the name suggests, these bags have a softer exterior and can fit easily inside irregular irregular-sized spaces, like an overhead compartment or a narrow luggage locker. Moreover, it is possible to stuff some extra items in these bags as it offers flexibility and option of expandability. The water-resistant ones are made up of a  two-tone fabric that offers great resilience against water or moisture. Another benefit is that soft side bags have external pockets for you to quickly stash your essentials. Ideal for flexibility and easy maneuvering.

5. Hard Side Bags with Spinner Wheels:

Hard Side Bags have a hard shell made from polycarbonate and four spinner wheels. These kind are so far the best for a monsoon getaway as they are known for being more rigid, durable and water resistant than almost any other type of travel bag. The spinner wheels are perfect for easy transport as it offers the liberty to be maneuvered around without much effort and is light on your joints and muscles. Befitted for organising, protecting and packing fragile items. Best suited for rainy and snow weather.

Travelling in Monsoon? We have got you covered!

No matter your monsoon travel style, Poloclub’s luggage pieces are perfect for any journey you plan to undertake. You can use specific travel luggage for a particular trip or you can mix and match and use them in combination.

Water resistant travel luggage is the best buy because you need not worry about the weather conditions at any point of time as it ensures that you can keep your stuff safely even when travel. And of course it ensures the same safety even when it isn’t raining or snowing!

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