4 Types of Luggage One Should Invest In For An Air Travel

For any average Indian, airfare is expensive, and more so, when air tickets are booked last minute. In addition to the above baggage is yet another unavoidable air travel expense if not taken proper care of. So, it is essential to evenly distribute your luggage whenever air travel is involved.

Building an ideal luggage collection suiting the budget isn’t difficult. The vast majority of airline journeys allow two pieces of luggage per person – 1 check-in and 1 on-board. Taking this and the journey into consideration, one should select the travel bags.

If you are a regular traveller who travels for work or leisure purposes, it is essential to have four distinct types of luggage in your luggage collection.

There are a few things you need to know about each of the essential types of luggage for air travel to make the most of each type. The key is finding reasonably priced models to add to your collection.

1. The Carry-on

Your luggage set’s bigwig is the carry-on.  On shorter trips without special clothing or gear requirements, your carry-on is likely the only luggage you’ll need. You may bring a personal bag – a purse or satchel, that perfectly fits inside the carry-on or under the seat in front of you.

The classic carry-on is a softside or expandable hardside with multidirectional wheels and dimensions just right enough to meet airlines’ carry-on size requirements. It is referred to as “spinner” by most luggage brands and retailers. No matter the name, your wheeled carry-on should move well in all directions for maximum maneuverability in airport terminals and public transit systems.

We have a budget-friendly range that meets most airlines’ carry-on requirements such as Colombus and Runway.

2. The Personal Bag

Your personal bag is the bag your airline allows you to carry on-board. Pick whatever you like as long as it fits easily into the overhead bin, even on smaller aircraft. If you are a solo leisure traveller, it may be a purse, a small messenger bag, or a multipurpose small duffel like FarEast. For parents with babies, it may be a diaper bag or a small weekender. For business travellers, it can be a briefcase or a high capacity backpack-style laptop bag.

Unless it is too specific a need, like a diaper bag, it is advisable to go with a small duffel bag or a backpack.

3. The Full-size Check-in Bag

For trips lasting longer than a couple of days or the ones that need special gear or wardrobe, you need luggage that won’t fit in the overhead compartment. It is recommended to make this one a softside or expandable hardside spinner measuring at least 25 inches high.

There are typically two kinds – one that can be used for mid-length trips and one that’s a high-capacity beast. We recommend Hollywood for mid-length trips and Houston for trips that require high-capacity luggage that works best as shared luggage in place of one or both of our carry-ons.

4. The Large Duffle

Depending upon the type of travel and the traveller, duffle bags can be of prime or limited use. Duffle bags are useful for plenty of things beyond air travel, including car camping and recreational activities like ice hockey and going to the beach.

The value of a large duffel is twofold: light empty weight and high carrying capacity. On longer trips you can stuff your duffel full of lightweight clothing and accessory items without exceeding the weight limit imposed by most airlines. Our recommendations for duffle bags for light-capacity and high-capacity

Even though you don’t need extra cargo capacity on your air journey, it is logical to pack an empty folded duffle bag in your regular check-in. This kind of luggage comes in handy for last time purchases on your trip and may even eliminate the need for international shipping – the cost of which is likely to exceed any international checked bag fees. Alternatively, you can use your duffle to dump your dirty, wet clothing or the used ones to keep it separate from clean items.

You can either use one heavy travel/luggage bag or a combination of two – carry-on + check-in depending on the length and nature of travel.

Fortunately, we are living in an era of budget-friendly luggage. Thanks to the high competition among luggage companies to produce quality luggage, travellers now have more cargo options suiting their budget and travel needs. At PoloClub, you can choose from a wide range of luggage bags ideal for air travel and start building a luggage collection of your own!

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